Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do I need a consultation first?

No, you do not need a consultation before booking. There is a built-in consultation as part of your initial session, so nothing beforehand is needed. If you have questions or concerns holding you back from booking, please contact us and we'll ease those concerns.

+ Where can I park?

There is metered street parking available across the street from the shop. There is also a garage and a paid lot on the same block. Please do not park on the right side of the street as it opens up to traffic from 4-6 PM and towing is enforced. You can pay for 4 hours of street parking at a time, and the meters are free after 6pm.

+ Where is the entrance?

Your GPS might direct you to the back of the building, but the entrance is on N. Charles St., NOT on N. Lovegrove St. The front door entrance is down the steps, just below Minato Sushi Bar.

+ How long are the appointments?

Appointment length varies by service. Please check our booking page for details.

+ Why are there two sessions?

Healed results vary person to person because we are all different. Based on your skin type, immune system, skin care, genetics, and other lifestyle factors, we won't be able to tell how your tattoo will truly look until it is healed. Seeing a healed first session allows us to adjust treatment to optimize lasting results (tailored to you) at your follow up session.

+ How is cosmetic tattooing different than a regular tattoo?

Cosmetic tattooing is a gentler, softer tattoo process that is designed for the face. Face skin is different than other areas, as it's thinner, more sensitive, and exposed to more sun. Cosmetic tattoo pigments are designed to fade, to avoid signs of aging poorly such as blurring or turning an undesirable color over time. Also, the pigment isn't placed as deep as body art tattoo ink, so the body breaks it down faster.

+ Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

On a 1-10 pain scale (10 being the worst) most clients report anywhere between 0-2. Mild discomfort or pressure might be felt, but you shouldn't feel anything sharp. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, so nothing can be guaranteed, but even eyeliner or lip blush can be pain-free! We pre-numb and continue to numb throughout each procedure.

+ How should I prepare for my appointment?

It is recommended to avoid alcohol, caffiene, pain relievers, blood thinners, fish oil, or anything that could thin the blood 24 hours before your appointment. It will also help to avoid retinol/trentinoin based products, as well as exfoliants and acids so that your skin is strong enough to be tattooed.

+ How far out do you book?

Usually 5-8 weeks. New availability, including last minute cancellations, will be posted on our Instagram. Please follow along for booking updates!

+ I want to have healed results for a special event. How far in advance should I plan?

If you are planning to get tattooed for a wedding, vacation, or special event, please book 3-4 months in advance! You will need to have the first appointment, let it heal 6-8 weeks, and then have a follow up which will also have to heal. Your cosmetic tattoo will look its best 3-5 weeks after your follow up session.

+ How soon until I can go out in public?

You should not need to hide after your appointment! Most of our before and after photos are taken immediately following the procedure. For microblading, if your concern is scabs and flaking, that usually happens around day 4 or 5. For eyes and lips, there is usually some swelling the first 2 days, and then scabbing and flaking to follow on days 3 and 4, however the scabbing shouldnt be too noticeable.

+ Do you offer removal and/or corrections?

Correctional work is taken on a case-by-case basis. If you have something you'd like to have removed, lightened, or corrected, please email photos so we can see if it is workable.

Jillian offers lift removal, which is a saline tattoo lightening procedure. Saline is tattooed into the undesired tattoo, which breaks down the pigment molecules. A scab will form bringing some pigment to the surface, and the tattoo should be lighter when the scabs lift. This process may require multiple sessions, similarly to laser removal, but at a more affordable cost with less risk of scarring.

+ What's the difference between microblading and powder/ombré brows?

Microblading is a manual technique done with a hand tool that deposits a small amount of pigment in fine, hairlike strokes to make it appear that you have more hair. Powder is a machine technique that deposits the pigment in tiny dots, which can be used as shading to create the illusion of fullness, or a powder fill of makeup. Ombré is using powder to create a defined brow that fades to lighter in the front.

+ How can I retain good color with microblading?

Microblading works best for those with normal to dry skin. Those with more oily skin can still get great results, however, details may fade sooner. For very oily skin, we recommend a combination or powder brow. Please avoid blood thinners (alcohol, caffiene, nSAID pain relievers, fish oils, etc.) and heavy sweating the day of your procedure and during healing. Any fluid that comes from inside the body (such as oil, sweat or blood) can flush pigment out of the skin while healing, which is why oily skin does not hold hairstrokes as well. With ombré or powder brows, there is more pigment placed in the brow, so even if some doesn't stay, there will be plenty of color left to heal.

+ How often do I need to come in for touch ups?

An annual refresh is recommended, but you may schedule it as soon as 9 months. Touching up microblading too often is not recommended, as too much pigment in the brow without time to fade can lead to a solid blur of color, rather than being able to see the details of hair strokes. If you like your brows filled in more than microblading, you might consider a combination or ombré brow!

+ Will I still need to shape my eyebrows?

Depending on the style you're going for, your brow shape may or may not require maintenance. For a bushier boy brow, we suggest leaving some of your stray hairs for a fuller effect! If you like a cleaner, more polished brow, tweezing or waxing may still be needed. If your brow shape has been lifted to create a brighter frame for your eyes, it is expeced that you might need to remove some lower growing hairs.

+ Do you have to shave my eyebrows to tattoo them?

Not at all! If you'd like a cleaner shape, we can clean them up a bit for you, but we won't need to take away any hair to do our magic!

+ Can you touch up brows that were done by another artist?

Of course! You will be charged as a new client, and have 2 sessions.

+ Do you tattoo the whole lip or just lip liner?

The whole lip! Lip blushing will tint the lips fully, instead of just the defining them. We have found this is a more natural looking alternative to just an outline.

+ What does it feel like?

Some clients have said it feels like an electric toothbrush brushing over the lips. You can feel pressure and vibration but you shouldn't feel pain.

+ How do you pick the color?

We will look through a selection of pigments together to see what colors you are drawn to, and then mix a color that works well with your lips' undertones.

+ How swollen will my lips be?

Some clients swell just a little, and some swell a lot. There is really no way to predict, unless you know you're very prone to swelling. Swelling typically subsides after 2 days, but in some cases has lasted longer. Sleeping in an elevated position can help!

+ I'm prone to cold sores. Can I still get lip blush?

Yes! We recommend taking 1 anti-viral pill for 5 days prior, and 2 pills the day of your procedure. We suggest you continue to take an anti-viral medication for the week while healing.

+ It sounds scary! How do you protect the eye?

We totally know it sounds scary, so we'll talk you through the process and ease your fears! Eyes are sensitive, and we take that into consideration while tattooing them. The eyelid is stretched and held in a specific way that keeps your eye as safe as possible during the procedure. We use a gentle machine and practice steady control.

+ Do I have to keep my eyes open during the procedure?

No, but there may be moments when you have to look in different directions so we can see the full range of angles and make sure our shape is solid.

+ Can I pick any color eyeliner?

Since we love all things subtle and natural, we recommend only dark browns or soft black for lashline enhancement.

+ Can eyeliner be placed on the waterline?

Pigment is deposited along the lash line and between lashes, not on the inner waterline. If it were anything closer than that, we wouldn't be able to numb you!

+ Can you do both top and bottom eyelids?

Yes! For bottom liner, we recommend something soft and subtle, yet still enough to define the eye and make it pop.

+ How long until I can wear lash extentions or glue-on strips?

It is recommended to wait 2 weeks before using lash extensions or glue-on strips. For growth serums and treatments, it is recommended to wait 30 days before resuming. Please keep in mind that you will need to stay clear of these things for your follow up appointment as well.

+ Will I be swollen?

Most people find their eyelids to be swollen and heavy for 1-2 days, but eyeliner heals quickly! It should go down quickly, and you are welcome to use a clean or disposable cold pack to help ease swelling.

+ Can I pick where the freckles are placed?

Absolutely! We love client input, as your face is our canvas.

+ How long do freckle tattoos last?

Freckle tattoos can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, depending on your skincare and lifestyle. If you use a lot of anti-aging products or exfoliating acids, your freckles are likely to not last as long.