About the Artist

Jillian Yoffe, a Baltimore area native and MICA graduate, has been a practicing artist her whole life. When she opened SAGE Cosmetic Tattoo in 2017, her vision was clear that she would use her skills to make people feel better about themselves. Since then, Jillian has been working hard to continue her education and stay updated on the latest trends and techniques. Using her background in fine art, she brings realism and dimension to this 2D art form, and pours life into thinning, sparse brows for a wide range of clients. After mastering multiple brow techniques, she decided to diversify her skills to enhance other parts of the face, and now offers more services with many different benefits. Jillian has foundation and master training certifications for multiple services, and proudly dedicates her expertise to the Baltimore community.


About the Apprentice

Emily O’Connor is a New York native who moved to Baltimore to attend the Maryland Institute College of Art. During her time there she met Jillian and they quickly connected over their shared love of tattoos, art, music, and style trends. In spring of 2019 she began her apprenticeship with Jillian at SAGE, after earning foundation certifications for both microblading and ombré brow techniques. Emily’s skill is growing quickly with her experience, due to her persistence and eagerness to learn and advance her skill in the cosmetic tattoo industry.