A tattoo done with a small hand tool to create thin, hair-like lines to mimic actual hair growth. This technique heals best on normal to dry skin. Results last 9-18 months, but varies depending on skin type.


A machine technique that offers a more filled-in look with a soft powder effect. For the ombré effect, the density of pigment fades gradually towards the front of the brow. Great for all skin types! Results last 1-2 years.


A combination of microblading and powder techniques to create a well-blended, realistic brow. Results can last up to 2 years.

+ What to expect

  • When you arrive, you will have a “before photo” taken and begin the topical numbing process.
  • Once you’re numb, a brow shape will be designed for you based on your unique bone structure and measurements. We are all different, and your brows should reflect your personal style and natural beauty. Your face is our inspiration!
  • We will discuss color and look over the brow design together, and tweak it until you’re happy.
  • Once we begin, we will continue to numb you during the procedure to keep you comfortable.
  • When your brows are completed, an “after photo” will be taken.
  • At the end, we will go over aftercare and questions, and schedule your 6-8 week follow up appointment.

+ Aftercare

  • Gently rinse your brows with room temperature water and mild, unscented hand soap 3 hours after the treatment. You are looking to remove any hardened lymphatic fluid.
  • Pat the brows completely dry before adding a THIN layer of Aquaphor to protect from outside bacteria.
  • Repeat this wash-dry-moisturize routine twice daily until brows are healed. Remember to use Aquaphor sparingly as needed to keep your scabs from being too itchy. If you use too much, it can loosen the scabs before they are ready to come off. This can lead to loss of pigment.

+ Healing schedule

  • Day 1: Brows will look finely detailed and crisp. Color may appear too light or too dark, but should develop into a more fitting color when healed.
  • Days 2-3: Brows will appear bold and dense, as scabs begin to form. The scabs should look like a raised and darker version of each hair stroke, or a thicker scab for powder/combo brows.
  • Days 4-5: Scabs will begin to flake off. DO NOT PICK. This may create patchiness or scarring.
  • Days 5-7: Skin under scabs will appear lighter in color. Pigment may even seem to have disappeared, but be patient. The color should return day by day. This is normal!
  • Days 7-10: Your body will develop a new layer of skin over the tattoo.
  • Days 10-45: If your brow color doesn’t return as bold as you hoped, don’t worry. This is the purpose of a touch up session. Patchiness and imperfections will be corrected then.

+ Before you book

  • Do not exercise the day of your appointment or during the 7-10 day healing period.
  • Don’t drink coffee, alcohol, energy drinks or take any pain relievers 24 hours prior.
  • Chemical peels, electrolysis, Botox or filler should not be done 3 weeks before or after treatment.
  • Don’t wax, tweeze, or dye your brows for 3 days prior.
  • Discontinue retinols and exfoliating acids in the brow area one week prior.
  • If you have excessive oil or enlarged pores in your T-Zone, consider powder/ombré technique for more durable healed results.

  • You shouldn't book if:

    • You’re pregnant or nursing
    • You have rosacea or other skin conditions in the brow area
    • You are diabetic or slow to heal wounds
    • You are allergic to metals or anesthetics
    • You have been on Accutane in the past year
    • You have undergone chemotherapy in the past 6 months
    • If you have a previous eyebrow tattoo (Email a photo for cover-up approval!)